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Stannah Lifts Holdings Ltd is a provider of elevators, escalators and moving walkways and manufacturer of stairlifts and platform lifts. The headquarters are based in Andover, Hampshire. The company makes varying types of lifts, but it is best known for its stairlifts with which the company's name has become synonymous.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed UK website: "Stannah have become too big to cope with their workload therefore the staff are not looked after and you are simply a number in a massive organisation".


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Installer/Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Stannah Canada was the worst employer I had in my working career. I have worked for a few companies but Stannah Canada topped them all. EVERYTHING I was told when I got hired was a lie. No room for advancement within the company, no reviews and basically no way to talk to management. Company has been through 2 restructures in just 3 years of operation. Office staff have no idea what a stairlift is and bully technicians to work faster (have never taken a lunch or break working here but it still gets docked from pay). Have never been rewarded for a job well done. There is no salary and the hourly wage is below average. Some weeks you don't even make a full 40 hours. Every employee is unhappy and talks behind other employees backs. 3 out of 4 technicians have side businesses to be able to support their families/lifestyle. All technicians work super slow on installations/service calls on purpose and take their time completing jobs just to make enough hours. I would stay away unless you like being micromanaged, like being broke, no room for advancement within the company and like being lied toNothingcompany operation/policies/environment"

Welder Fabricator (Former Employee) says

"This place is a joke, working like a slave for poor money mentally challenging work poor management putting profit before the wellbeing off its employeesNoneWork like a slave for poor money"

Production Operative (Former Employee) says

"Workers are timed on their productivity every day, and every worker has a different target based on their average times. This makes the job stressful. The work is very repetitive. The managers are poor, some are outsourced from elsewhere and know nothing about the job. They also treat their favourites differently.Very repetitive, poor management, work is timed"

Sales Administrator (Former Employee) says

"It was badly managed and the work load was terrible for the small team we had working there. In the end I just ended up walking out of this job, without having another job lined up, I was that unhappyStarted of working close to homeNo progression"

Stairlift (Former Employee) says

"Awful. Long hours. Little acknowledgement. Little feedback. Zero development. Managers with daily mood swings. Bad and destructive conduct condoned making staff life miserable. No appraisals for managers so they are unable and unwilling to receive feedback. Low salaries for area. Highly inefficient organisation and structure. Some overworked staff and some parking?Too many to list"

Branch Administrator (Former Employee) says

"No training given on the stairlifts, so you are unable to give advice to customers over the phone. Thrown in at the deep end. Branch Manager was not approachable when you needed help. I didn't feel much of a team, very clicky. I couldn't wait to leaveHome Time at 5pmWas told in the interview it 'was a fun place to work'. Not at all, a lot of whispering and gossiping."

Welder Fabricator (Former Employee) says

"Excellent factory, amenities good,clean and tidy,health and safety good, pity i couldnt say that of the management!!! if you are a crawler you will get on just fine and thats all im going to say"

Nation contracts administrator (Former Employee) says

"Stannah have become too big to cope with their workload therefore the staff are not looked after and you are simply a number in a massive organisation."

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"A fast paced and very customer faced job. The people who work there make the day fun and the work bearable. Overall good work environment but pressurised"

Bid Writer (Former Employee) says

"This was not an ideal environment for young people to work in as the older staff sort of banded together. Lack of training was provided despite that being a crucial part of the role. However the role was fairly paid."

Field manager (Former Employee) says

"enjoyed my time at stannah as a field manager great company just found working away from home 4out of 5 days a week a little to much as i cover most of the uk as low on field managers an staying away so much was not for me an a position came available local to my area which i took but enjoyed my timegreat company to work forlong hours an working away from home alot"

Out of hours administrator (Former Employee) says

"Friendly people, great atmosphere . Management flexible and working out of hours next I could be a stay at home Mum and still have a work life outside.Out of hours working10 hour shift by yourself"

welder fabricator (Current Employee) says

"A typical day would involve mainly working alone in a welding bay following on with a job the night shift have been working on. Working to detailed technical drawings of the stairlift id use a number of setting drilling cutting and welding processes to complete the full stairlift to specification ready for the home."

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Easy job sometimes not much to do. Pay rate litlle bit poor. managment really weak ,communication weak. Boring job every day this same standing in one place and making some parts."

Branch Administrator (Current Employee) says

"It is a very busy office environment. Dealing with customers over the phone all day with various issues - callouts, invoice queries, arranging service visits and general enquiries. Timesheets Liaising with various councils regarding warranties, contracts and access issues. I enjoy liaising with the various councils relating to their customers. I do not particularly like being on the phone as much as I am.Monthly Performance Related BonusConstantly being on the phone"

Former Employee says

"The current MD is a self centred, manipulative, dishonest individual who seems to have the gift of passing all blame to others and avoiding his own incompetence. Not to be trusted he lies and I was often told to get rid of individuals he did not like at whatever cost. What a nasty individual AH is… aware all…."

Matt White says

"Well I scheduled to have a Represenative come out to measure and give me a price on a Wednesday for the following Friday. NO SHOW !!!! I was not even on the schedule !!!!!! Talk about non professional business acumen. I TOOK THE DAY OFF FOR NOTHING !!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY !!!"

Ms. Thibeault says

"First delivery date No one called to confirm time of delivery I had to call. Installation was not done the way salesman said it would be. I called to have someone come to look in to the issue it is so far out on stairs I caught my foot and fell down stairs. Tec that came to look said well I don't know how that happened! And aga in NO ONE called to let me know time Tec was coming. TERRIBLE COMPANY NEVER AGAIN and I will make sure everyone that I know knows of these issues"

Mr. Galvin SR says

"It works very well. I am very happy with it."

M Kellett says

"Terrible experience. I had the initial consult, where I told them I wanted the auto swivel. The salesman kept forgetting and I kept reminding him, then he wrote it on my copy, but forgot to write it on his own. They came to install and didn't have the auto swivel. They were supposed to call me within a day or two to schedule the change, 2 weeks later no one had called. I called and was bounced around to 2 people, who argued with me that I didn't order the auto swivel, then said the sales rep would call that afternoon, he called 2 days later. I emailed my copy of the paperwork to show I had clearly ordered it. Even though my paperwork clearly said my total cost including auto swivel, the sales rep was trying to make me pay additional for the auto swivel, saying it wasn't included in the amt he had written down. He accused me of lying when I said he had told me that was the final cost with the auto swivel. I had no choice at that point but to order the auto swivel. When the first installer came, he was nearly an hour late, with no phone call. He said he had to wait for another installer, who took an additional 40 minutes to arrive. During the installation one of them was talking about how he was unsure about how to install a particular part of the chair and often had to call to troubleshoot. All in all, worst customer service and unprofessional company of I have ever worked with. I would definitely NOT use this company. Reply: That is not how it was presented to me. I've heard this from others from your company but that's not how it happened at my consultation. I am a business owner and deal with contracts all the time, that is not how it was written either."

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